Here's what some clients have to say...

"Working with Jennifer was a life saver. She did an incredible job helping us unpack and organize. Jennifer gave useful and effective tips for organizing our items (that we've actually been able to maintain), while also being very hands on in helping us get things done. She unpacked and took apart boxes, helped clean and organize dirty cupboards, and even helped to move furniture around. Best of all, you can tell that she truly cares and is dedicated to helping people manage their lives better."

-Miriam Z. in Philadelphia


"I am very pleased with Jennifer Martin's organizing skills and the fact that she doesn't judge or take control. As a client, I feel that my comfort with the process was paramount in Jennifer's approach to the tasks at hand. We are continuing to work on various projects, as I am disabled and unable to accomplish much on my own. Jennifer pitches right in to get things done. My life has been enriched by knowing this fine person as well as getting things under control! You won't be sorry if you use this service."

-M.H. in Deptford, NJ


"Working with Jennifer was the best decision I have ever made! Our house was bursting with "stuff" and we needed to put the house on the market...I did not know where to start. Jennifer came in, with her gentle poise and never-ending energy. We designed a plan of action and carried it out. It was a lot of work, but with Jennifer's direction and advice, it was actually a very pleasant experience (really liberating)! The result? We sold our house, full price, in THREE days! I am now going to work with her on a regular basis to make sure that we live in a place as nice and calm as the one we just sold. Don't think about this twice. You deserve the peace and functionality she will create for you!!"

-Ana L in King of Prussia


"Working with Jenn has been so pleasant! I expected to be very stressed out and having to go through every single item with an organizer. Actually, we did work together sorting some things, but she worked independently as well, which was an incredible help (if I had the time to do it myself, I wouldn't have hired a professional). I'm very glad that I got to meet Jenn. She is fabulous."    

-C.F. in Philadelphia


"Job was for my younger son that has a smaller room with his toys. She gave some ideas how to help. She actually sat down with my son and decided best way to go about it. Didn't have do anything he didn't want to do. Very kind to me and my son so made me feel good. Didn't even need to buy anything she was able to organize everything. She was very reasonable and didn't try and sell anything."

-Valerie in Glenside


 "I needed someone to organize my closets and Jen came to my rescue! She was as pleasant as she efficient. I had years of stuff piled up in all of them and Jen helped me get rid of so much that I was finally able to have enough space and actually see what I own that I really use. I've scheduled time with her next week to do my kitchen and I can't wait to see her weave her magic there!"

-Francine in Philadelphia


"We hired Jen for two projects : organizing my husbands clothes and the work/tool area in the basement. She was punctual, pleasant, and easy to work with. She organized the clothes so that it would be easy to maintain. She even took all the clothes he didn't want for donation and the hazardous materials from the basement for collection! She made the organizing seem like fun!! I would recommend her to friends and neighbors."

-Kathy E. in Doylestown


"I needed help with the walk-in closet in my bedroom and my hall closet. Jennifer quickly assessed what needed to be removed and organized all my clothes and bags. Amazing! She gave me good tips on how to maintain it too in a way that I think I can really manage. She didn't make me buy a lot of stuff either. Jennifer is really nice and I felt very comfortable having her go through all my things! Both closets were finished in one day. I'm really glad I did this!"

-Annie in Glenside