Tamisha Grant

Tamisha has loved organizing her whole life. She'll organize your closets, kitchen and even the kids rooms! When she is not organizing, you can find Tamisha hanging out with her family, traveling, listening to music, or catching up on her favorite Netflix shows!


Liana McGinley

Liana has had a passion for organizing since childhood where she would rearrange her bedroom year after year and take great pride in having all her belongings fitted into perfect placement. That same joy transcended into adulthood to the dismay of her handy husband who is repeatedly convinced to join her in renovating, reorganizing and restoring their 130-year-old New Jersey Victorian home. She especially likes scouring the aisles for treasures at Home Goods, breathing new life into old furniture, and reimagining the interiors and exteriors of their home daily. In addition, Liana adores spending time walking, hiking, and creating with her husband, 3 children, 3 dogs, and cat.

Why Hire A Professional Organizer?

Professional Organizers do more than organizing.  

We have the knowledge and local resources to help you remove most unwanted items in your house, from old clothes to hazardous chemicals.  

We are creative and offer space solutions for every room in your home.

We actually provide the physical labor of rearranging your items in closets, cabinets and rooms throughout the home. 

We offer lasting solutions to simplify the maintenance of your home and your life.